“If You are not Prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original.”

~ Sir Ken Robinson (Ted Talks)

In pre-production for Dead Man’s Cell Phone being produced by Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. I look forward to being back on the island, the place that welcomed me the moment I stepped off the boat last summer.  I miss the green of the East Coast, the direct nature of the people, and even the golf pants and polo shirts of the laid back, earth bound, wealthy East Coasters. But mostly I’m starting to feel the tingle of excitement and fear that I get with every new show. The images have begun to take focus in my brain, my concept is growing, I’m collecting pictures for my vision board and I have started second guessing myself. Maybe the design team will have no idea what I am trying to communicate, maybe this idea is too far out there and doesn’t stay on task to tell a story, maybe the actors will realize I am a sham and don’t know what I am talking about. It’s a familiar story and I have learned to let go of the reigns and trust that my feelings are not facts, they are simply a part of the process. Mistakes will be made, communications will break down, ego’s will clash, and those mistakes will lead to AH HA! moments, communication break downs will breed specificity, and ego clashing will create dynamic art. And I am lucky enough to facilitate all of   that!